Nuclear Patrol Robot
GraBot Nuclear Radiation Mobile Detection Robot
A smart mobile manipulator with portable radiation scanner for gathering and mapping radiation at specific location.
Application scenario
The solution can be used to remotely 3D map and quantify radioactive environments which is an essential asset for decommissioning and protecting humans from radiations.。

Salient Features
• Portable radiation scanner which robot can sweep an area to create 3D gamma image
• Imaging Spatial Resolution in Gamma Camera mode - ideally ~2° (for Cs-137)
• Gamma Signal to Background Ratio in a single image - Typically better than 1:100 @ 662 keV
• Radiation localization and visualization with embedded Lidar and camera
Components Details


                                                               Intelligent Environment Perception
                                                           Detecting anomaly in the environment

                                               Targeted radiation localization and visualization

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