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Job Responsibilities:
1. Docking the design output of new products developed and mastering the key points of inspection and testing;
2. Prepared SIP for material quality inspection;
3. Prepare SOP for finished product quality inspection;
4. Quality control in product manufacturing process;
5. Analyze and solve abnormal quality problems in the production process;
6. Analyze and deal with abnormal quality problems from customer feedback;
7. Promote the improvement of supplier's material quality;
8. Participated in small batch trial production of new products;
9. Participate in reliability test of new products;
10. Participation in the preparation of procedural documentation for the quality department;
Job requirements:
1. Major in electronics, electromechanical, Internet of Things, information engineering, automation, robotics, artificial intelligence, etc., bachelor degree or above; proficient in computer;
2. Know basic knowledge of ISO9000 quality system and fine production;
3. Familiar with quality improvement tools;
4. Having worked in a foreign factory with 3 years PE/QE work experience is preferred;
5. Willing to develop in Zoucheng for a long time;

Job Responsibilities:
1. Technical support and testing products;
2. Install and debug robotic products for customers, and train the basic performance and use of equipment and software, as well as answer product usage and product failure problems encountered by customers
3. Carry out task function decomposition and system performance index decomposition of robots and mechanical arms; build a system framework for robot structure modeling, control, simulation, testing, analysis, and evaluation;
4. Writing, sorting and filing of technical documents;
5. Introduce the products and application fields for potential customers in detail, fully demonstrate the company's products and performance, answer the customer and sales questions, and provide strong support for sales;
6. Complete other tasks assigned by your leader.

job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree in software engineering, electronics, automation, control and other related majors;
2. Have a strong interest in robots, willing to touch new fields and learn new technologies;
3. Familiar with programming languages such as C, C++ and Python;
4. Experienced with Linux system
5. Be able to use English to read and write documents and oral communication;
6. Using ROS is Priority ;
7. Accept frequent short-term business trips in China;
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